The Real Identity of the ‘Argylle’ Book Author Finally Revealed

“God, I hope all the people that pre-ordered on the basis that Taylor wrote it aren’t disappointed,” the actual author says

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The curtain on a pop cultural mystery has finally been pulled back: the author of the novel “Argylle.” The book is a companion to the Matthew Vaughn film by the same name, allegedly written by “Elly Conway,” which happens to be the name of the film’s lead character played by Bryce Dallas Howard.

The actual author, the Telegraph revealed Friday, is none other than… Australian novelist and screenwriter Terry Hayesw British author Tammy Cohen. Yes, it’s a collab, assigned by “Argylle” director Matthew Vaughn — despite protestations in the run-up to the film of there being a “real” Elly Conway.

Sorry, Swifties: it seems the “Cruel Summer” singer isn’t behind this one.


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