How ‘The Survivor’ Star Vicky Krieps Got Past the ‘Wall’ Ben Foster Put Up for Holocaust Drama (Video)

TIFF ’21: “He was like a sponge, he had soaked up this horror and this energy…it was very scary,” actress says

Portions of this interview about “The Survivor” were used in the Down to the Wire: Drama issue of TheWrap’s awards magazine.

When Vicky Krieps arrived on set for Barry Levinson’s drama “The Survivor,” the film’s star Ben Foster had already spent time shooting all of the film’s scenes set inside a concentration camp. So when the actress finally met her costar, she described him having put up a “wall” that contained all the character’s own horrors of the camps.

“It was not just a wall of preparation of him as an actor, he had been trying to incorporate the horror of the camps.