‘Never Look Away’ Review: Lucy Lawless’ Directorial Debut Is an Unflinching Look at the Life of Photojournalist Margaret Moth

Sundance 2024: The story of journalist Margaret Moth engages in spite of what little footage of her exploits actually exist

"Never Look Away"
"Never Look Away" (CREDIT: Sundance)

It’s not uncommon for a documentary to begin by explaining what it’s actually about, since although the medium tends to attract audiences who are already interested in the subject there’s always somebody in the theater who needs a primer (or, as is more common in the 21st-century, somebody on the couch.)

Lucy Lawless takes a different tactic, starting her new documentary “Never Look Away,” premiering at Sundance, not with a quick summary of who Margaret Moth is and why she’s one of the most significant figures in modern journalism, but instead with an interview from the man she dated when he was seventeen years old and she was thirty.


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