‘Love Me’ Review: Kristen Stewart and Steven Yeun’s Sweet, Sweeping Romance Isn’t Afraid to Go Deep

Sundance 2024: Sam and Andy Zuchero’s directorial debut is a multilayered love story about what humanity’s legacy could be

Kristen Stewart and Steven Yeun in "Love Me" (Photo by Justine Yeung, courtesy of Sundance Institute)

The most memorable kind of science fiction stories show us a reflection of ourselves. “Love Me,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival Friday, a sci-fi romance about a buoy and a satellite does this and even has room for existential questions about humanity’s legacy in regards to the universe and what impact it will leave long after we’re gone. It’s a sweeping, sweet and unique romance that works across different mediums to deliver something thoughtful that isn’t afraid to wear its heart on its sleeve.

Long after humanity’s annihilation, a buoy (Kristen Stewart) and a satellite (Steven Yeun) find each other.


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