‘The Family Stallone’ Review: Sly Shares the Spotlight With Daughters in By-the-Book Reality Series

The “Tulsa King” star’s foray into the unscripted genre appears to be a Kardashian-esque platform for his kids on Paramount+

Sophia (left), Sistine, Sylvester, Jennifer Falvin and Scarlet Stallone at home in Los Angeles. (Art Streiber/Paramount+)

Within the first couple minutes of “The Family Stallone,” the new Paramount+ reality series following Sylvester Stallone and his family, we’re greeted with a predictable introductory trope: the behind-the-curtain producer prompt. Stallone takes a seat for his talking head and a producer — typically an invisible hand in reality TV, feeding questions rarely ever heard on-screen — can be faintly heard from behind the camera, asking, “How did Sylvester Stallone end up making a reality television show?”

It’s an opening that is about as by-the-book as a famous-family reality television show can be, but it’s also a particularly pertinent question here.