Greta Gerwig Says Her Goal With ‘Barbie’ Was to ‘Write the Greatest Script Nobody Ever Makes’

TheWrap magazine: “It felt like the exact kind of idea I like, which is just on the edge of ‘how is this even possible?’” says Gerwig

Greta Gerwig didn’t always think that “Barbie” was going to be made, and maybe that’s why the movie turned out to be so weird, so subversive and so successful. Long before the film’s grosses neared $1.5 billion, it was just an idea that didn’t make a lot of sense to the onetime indie actress whose directorial career was on a hot streak with “Lady Bird” and “Little Women.”

And maybe the fact that it didn’t make a lot of sense and that star Margot Robbie had brought her the idea at a time when the movie business was reeling was a reason to take a shot at turning Mattel’s toy franchise into a film.


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