‘Ferrari,’ ‘Society of the Snow’ and ‘The Killer’ Deliver the Sound of Trouble

TheWrap magazine: The sound teams on those three movies had to conjure up car wrecks, a plane crash and some assassinations

Ferrari - Society of the Snow - The Killer
"Ferrari" (Neon), "Society of the Snow" (Netflix), "The Killer" (Netflix)

Over the last few years, the Oscar sound category has recognized war movies like “All Quiet on the Western Front,” science fiction movies like “Dune” and musicals like “West Side Story,” among others. There’s no formula for how to use sound effectively, but three of this year’s gems do share a sense that their sonic palette puts us in dangerous places: On the racetracks of 1950s Italy, in the frigid expanses of the Andes and inside the unsettling cranium of Michael Fassbender.

“Ferrari” (Neon)

To come up with the rev and roar of engines in Michael Mann’s “Ferrari,” the film’s sound team had to start with a couple of formidable tasks.


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