How Many Votes Does It Take to Get an Oscar Nomination in 2024?

In 15 of the 23 categories, the magic number to land a nom is within two of last year’s number

Oscar statue - rehearsals
(Credit: Getty Images)

Every year, once the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’ branch counts are in, we ask a simple question: How many votes does it take to get an Oscar nomination this year?

If you were paying attention last year, you already know the answer, more or less.  Three of the categories require exactly the same number of votes as they did a year ago, while the magic number in 15 of the 23 categories is within two votes of the 2022 figures.

The Academy grew in size by less than 200 voters over the past year, and the biggest influx came in a new branch, Production and Technology, that doesn’t have its own category.


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