Golden Globe Predictions: Can Barbenheimer and New Voters Save the Show?

Even smart choices might not be enough to bring credibility to an embattled, revamped awards show

"Barbie" (Warner Bros.), "Oppenheimer" (Universal Pictures)

The stakes have rarely been higher for the Golden Globes. Not for the movies that are in contention for those shiny, clunky statuettes – the Globes has always been a pretty low-stakes contest, where you can relax because it doesn’t really matter who wins.

But for the organization that puts on the Globes, Sunday night’s ceremony will be enormously important. The past year has seen a wholesale reorganization that turned the awards and its governing body from a nonprofit enterprise to a for-profit one, in the process doing away with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the curious organization that had been handing out the awards since it began in 1944.


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  1. Gregory Seewald Avatar
    Gregory Seewald

    I am assuming this is an error “Best Limited Series, Anthology Series or Motion Picture Made for Television: “The Bear” over “Lessons in Chemistry””

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